Outdoor service includes eye examination, consultation with doctor and counseling. After consultation, patient gets prescription from eye specialist. Out door service is of two types. Any patient can avail regular out door service at a of Taka 100 registration fee. However, if would like to avoid the queue then he / she can avail the fast track service at the expense of Taka 500 registration fee.

General Ophthalmic Specialist Services:

Symptoms: Headache, vertigo, dizziness, lack of concentration in reading, vision related problems while using computer, facial asymmetry, disfigurement, cosmetic problem etc. falls under GOSS.

Procedure: Clinical examination and investigation.

Cataract Services

Clinical examination and investigation: Visual acuity, Refraction, Slit-lamp evaluation, direct & indirect ophthalmoscopy, Tonometry, keratometry, pachymetry, specular microscopy, A-B scan ultrasonography, Biometry – A scan and Gonioscopy.

Procedure: Screening for cataracts, preoperative evaluation for cataract patients, treatment plan for cataract surgery, Postoperative management of the cataract patient including: medications, astigmatism management, refraction, uveitis, CME, and ocular hypertension, manage clinical problems of increasing complexity, evaluation and management of endophthalmitis and follow up.

Pediatric & Squint Services

Clinical Examination and Investigation: Refractive Error Evaluation, Amblyopia, Squint Assessment, Congenital & Developmental Cataract Evaluation, EUA, Orthoptic Evaluation, Retinoscopy.

Procedures: Paediatric Refraction, Amblyopia Management

Glaucoma Services

Clinical Examination and Investigation: Visual Field Analysis, Optical Coherence Tomography for Retinal nerve fiver and Optic Nerve Head Analysis, Anterior Segment OCT, Fundus Photograph, Central Corneal Thickness, Gonioscopy, Anterior Segment Photograph, Applanation Tonometry.

Procedures: YAG Laser Iridotomy, Laser Suturolysis, Phase Test


Clinical examination

Clinical examination